Stop counting retweets. Start counting cash.

Imagine going into a budget meeting, armed with real-time financial metrics for all your social efforts. Being able to definitively compare social financial performance to that of your other channels like TV, radio, OOH or events. Imagine having the data to ensure your content was always interesting, always relevant and always shared.

Establish a Financial Basis for Social Goals

For the first time ever, set your social media performance goals based on dollars, pounds, euros or any currency.

Simplify Your KPI Development

Forget likes and retweets. Simplify the development of KPIs for your enterprise social teams.

Define Content Performance

Define a reward system for content performance, based on its earned media value. Quickly learn what’s working and what’s not.

Compare Performance by Product, Country or Region

Performly performance reports help you compare and optimise the efficiency of your content – and your social teams – by product, country and region.

Identify Cost-Cutting Opportunities

Determine ways to cut content production costs by identifying optimal content performance

Social in the Marketing Mix

For the first time, measure your social media performance compared to traditional media, on your own or with our Matrix media-mix platform.