Performly in Action

Content Resonance

After three years on Facebook, a major CPG brand found their content engaging less and less. Our client’s marketing team used Performly to determine which content performed well and which performed poorly. The resulting insights showed that playful visual approaches far outperformed their initial product-centric approach.

RESULTS: an increase in Earned Media Value of €360,000 in two months, an increase in engagement and a 10x increase in overall EMV over their original approach.

Fanbase Preservation

One client had very fickle fans who were quick to unlike the brand. Across an entire region, Performly showed abandon rates in one country were higher than four other countries combined.

Client community managers originally thought more content was the solution. But Performly showed a direct correlation between heavy posting and increased abandonment rates. 

RESULTS: after receiving our counsel, abandon rates dropped drastically and stabilized 3x lower than before. With the change, the Performly team mitigated the loss of more than 160,000 fans over eight months – the equivalent of a €160,000 investment.

Viral Syndication Opportunities

A food and beverage multinational client used Performly to identify high-performing content with syndication possibilities across similar brands. By identifying posts with similar resonance across brands, the client was able to create content syndication across multiple social properties.

RESULTS: Performly accurately predicted the virality of the content, which went viral to the tune of €277,000 in extra earned media value. 

Creative Feedback

After two years, key KPIs on a large consumer fan page stalled. The brand’s social team needed to identify a new content strategy that would boost engagement.

Performly insights clearly showed that the highest-performing content was imagery around UGC content showing ordinary-looking people. Consequently the brand team responded by focusing on user-generated content and “real-looking” people using the product.

RESULTS: Key metrics skyrocketed over six months. Video views increased by 526x, generating over €200,000 of Earned Media Value on “free views.” Fan retention increased by €35,000. Content was shared an average of 3x more per month. And the brand’s new approach earned more than €370,000 of EMV over the next six months – an increase of 500%.