Frequently-Asked Questions


What kind of organisations use Performly?

Performly™ is highly valuable to any corporate social media team that needs to show their management teams the financial return on their social media efforts. It provides the most utility to organisations who maintain significant investments in a social media presence, and who are already engaging with multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Clients participating in our Beta Programme already include three different global automotive manufacturers and one global consumer packaged goods company. But Performly works with organisations in any vertical market.

Which markets are you serving?

Mediabrands Social is supporting clients centrally out of our London office and currently training our local media specialists in the following countries:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • India
  • Australia
How much does it cost?

Performly is priced based on the size of your social media footprint. We provide a bespoke price to our clients based on their monthly retained counsel needs. Generally speaking, this falls in line with similar subscriptions to paid listening platforms.

Performly easily pays for itself with a very low monthly investment in paid social advertising. For some of our clients, Performly pays for itself from the earned media value generated by a little over €1500/month in paid social ads.

Which subscription level do I need?

Performly subscriptions are based on the size of your social media footprint and the level of technical support needed.

SILVER SUBSCRIPTION: 1-20 pages to be monitored.

GOLD SUBSCRIPTION: 21-40 pages monitored.

PLATINUM SUBSCRIPTION: 41-120 pages monitored.

DIAMOND SUBSCRIPTION: more than 120 social pages monitored.


What if my needs don’t fall into these categories?

We create bespoke solutions for organisations whose needs fall outside of these general tiers. Give us a call and we can discuss.

How is this different from other earned media valuators?

Automation of Repetitive Tasks

Many firms offer some sort of social media ROI formulae. Generating ROI data is often a manual task created with a sometimes dubious methodology. Performly uses APIs to access all Facebook and Twitter activity and plugs that data into its calculation without manual intervention.

Customised Valuation

“How much is a Like worth?” That depends on a LOT of factors and the answer is different for each company and industry. Many earned media calculators use fixed industry benchmarks in their pricing formulas. But earned media values and social ad prices change constantly – and vary by vertical market and by organisation. In fact, any set of ROI calculations should be based on your realities: your industry, your competitors, and your own paid pricing. Our Mediabrands social consultants ensure your calculations are properly priced based on your industry and specific media costs. We also follow general pricing trends to ensure you are paying fair-market values and that our calculations are current.

Content Performance Monitoring

Performly also provides our clients with daily performance reporting on posted content. In our retainer, we monitor this content and alert you to high-performing vs. low-performing content, as well as opportunities to boost reach via paid.

Knowing your Earned Media Value is great. Knowing how to agilely adjust and optimise your content is a huge win.

What's your methodology?

Does Coca-Cola publish its secret formula? Does KFC tell anyone about the eleven secret herbs and spices?

Paying clients can learn more about our methodology upon signing an annual subscription. However, if you need more information with which to sell your management on Performly, we can provide you with an in-person demonstration and discuss.

On which social channels does Performly work? And what's your product roadmap?

Currently we pull data from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This data is accessed when the Performly system logs into your pages as an administrator.

We are currently creating valuation models for LinkedIn, anticipating rollout of LinkedIn functionality in 3Q15, and Instagram and Pinterest in the fourth quarter of 2015.

This isn't real ROI.

When we mention “social media ROI” we’re not talking about “hard ROI” (x spend = y sales) – we’re referring to the value of marketing impact you receive from being great at social engagement. The more your social efforts resonate with your fans, the bigger the marketing impact the fans will create.

Performly also lets you estimate your marketing impact per content piece, so a $100,000 video production cost might result in $760,000 in marketing impact (we’ve seen it happen). With Performly, you can increase your earned media value and reduce your content waste. We definitely call that a return on your social investment!

How long does it take to set up?

Performly is customised for your specific pricing and social feeds, so after we work out your KPIs, pricing and login credentials, it takes approximately 3-4 weeks to fully set up.


What is the minimum subscription period?

We suggest you start with our 3-Month Trial Programme. You would pay the one-time setup for the customised dashboard and receive a fixed number of hours per month of consultant time to provide management reporting, paid media counsel and content performance counsel. If you are still satisfied with Performly after the 12-week period, we offer a 9-month renewal.

I am with an agency and want to offer this to my clients.

Interpublic Group Subsidiaries

Contact us at the number or email address above and someone from Mediabrands will contact you shortly.

WPP, Publicis, Omnicom or their Subsidiaries

We are limiting our beta period to IPG agencies only. We may make an exception if it’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

Independent Digital or Social Agencies

If your client is a Fortune 500 client with which we have no servicing conflicts, we’re open to discussion. We are not yet set up to scale for smaller clients at this time.

How do I get started?

Give us a shout at +44 207 7089 or at and we’ll share our onboarding process, case studies and discuss your specific needs.